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Hey guys,
I’m currently working on finishing up my next recording that should be released sometime this year, I also have a few other projects and surprises in the works for this year. The band and I have had a great time playing music for you, and the crowds are getting more and more receptive to what we’re doing, and we’re finding friendly people along the way.
I’m working hard on getting back to some of our favorite venues around the midwest, and also busting our way into new markets in 2016. I’ve got quite a few Northern & Central Ohio gigs booked for the summer of course. Then starting late summer and through this fall I’ll be revisiting markets we’ve played previously like: Dayton, Chillicothe, & Toledo OH, up the NY way with Buffalo, Rochester & Erie PA, and back down middle south in Cincinnati/Covington, & Louisville KY,
I’m also pursuing some dates at new venues in the following cities/areas: Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids MI, Pittsburgh, PA and there may even be a show or two in NYC this year!
I truly appreciate all of your support, and if you have friends in these markets let them know about our music, and keep on eye on the TOUR CALENDAR.
If you live in any of these areas and would like to help (promote, street team, hosting a house concert, etc.) or if you know of a venue you’d like to see us play at, please drop me a line either via FB message, or email:
INFO (at)
Thanks again, and here’s to the best year yet!

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