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Wishing you all a great 2017 and thanks for all of the support.
I’m currently finishing up the tracks for a release that I’m hoping to have ready to go this spring.
These songs are ones that were written over the past few years. We tracked 11 of the songs at PlaYroom Recording. After delays and a lot of gigs getting in the way, I’ve decided to take those 11 tracks and enlist the help of David Mayfield (The David Mayfield Parade, Cadillac Sky) to produce a few new tracks, as well as mix and add the finishing touches to this record. I’m not sure how many of the tracks will be on the final album, but the ones that don’t make the cut will still be available somehow.
It’s been a really great journey making this record. Paul Lewis, and Paul Kovac have played a big role in creating some great sounds and vibes that I can’t wait for you to here.
I’d also like to thanks Chris Hanna and Steve Renko for coming into the studio and letting us record their talented playing. Curtis Leonard, over at PlaYroom Recording in N. Ridgeville did a heck of a job tracking these first 11 songs.
I’ll try to keep you up to date a little more as we finish this record up. More on that soon.
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At the end of this month, Paul Lewis, Paul Kovac and I are playing a few shows out of town, and spending several days in Nashville. Check out the TOUR page, and we hope to see you, your friends or family that you might have in those areas! Spread the word.

Thanks again and we’ll talk soon!

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