This year I’m working on new music in the studio with David Mayfield, once again, producing. I don’t have a release date yet, but hoping to release a single or two by the summer. I’ll have a website update pretty soon, and I’ve been posting some Instagram TV videos you can check out. I really […]

Thank you for a great year

In addition to playing some fantastic gigs this year, and meeting new fans and people out supporting live music, I’ve been in the studio, tracking some new songs that will be part of a record, i’m hoping to release in 2020. I don’t get to updating this website as often as I’d like to, besides […]

LMNOP Review of “Take Time”

Thor Platter – Take Time (CD, Sunshine Music, Country/pop/bluegrass) We couldn’t quite figure out what category best suited this release. Country? Not quite. Pop? Sorta. Bluegrass? Definitely some threads in the mix. Combining elements from all three, Cleveland, Ohio-based singer/songwriter Thor Platter makes music that should appeal to a wide cross section of listeners. His […]