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For singer-songwriter Thor Platter, being a working folk-roots musician in a gritty Rust Belt town affords him the kind of creative freedom few artists enjoy. His 2015 solo EP, Long Road Ahead, uses brisk acoustic guitar as a mere starting point: his confident voice--which recalls Jason Isbell's soulful depth and Jay Farrar's wise-beyond-his-years grit---ensures the album confounds expectations. Platter's songs possess greater sophistication and reverence for tradition, courtesy of stellar Banjo from 40-year-veteran Paul Kovac, and lyrics featuring bittersweet romantic notions and characters searching for a place to belong. "That's what's nice about Americana--it encompasses many sounds and styles, from many different eras," Platter says. "Above all, it should just be good music to your ears."   Booking or other questions: 216.200.8801

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